Commercial Floor Care Programs

New England Specialized is the number one managed floor care provider in New England.  We specialize in commercial carpet and hard surface maintenance.  We are the only commercial maintenance company servicing all of New England with a Certified Master Textile Cleaner, LEED Green Associate and Council Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor involved in each and every account.


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Specialty Cleaning

New England Specialized works with all major flooring manufacturers. We help clients establish a cleaning schedule that works within their budget to keep their facilities looking their best.  We design individualized programs for your interior asset care.  From the common to the uncommon we can help you keep your surfaces looking their best.  We have worked with commercial carpet tiles, ceramic tile, vct and lvt tile, concrete, marble, granite, limestone, cork, rubber, encaustic tile, asbestos tile, epoxy, no wax floors, leather, silk, suede, stainless steel, hard and soft wood, laminate floors, antique oriental rugs and many more surfaces.

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Remediation Services

Mold, Fire or Flood....we have you covered.  We have Certified Master Fire and Smoke Restorers, Council Certified Mold Remediation Supervisors, Certified Flood Restoration Technicians on duty 24/7.

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Why New England Specialized

We are a Veteran owned family operated business.  Our senior staff has managed operations for several of the largest commercial floor care companies in the United States.  We found that many operations were expensive and limited due to franchise cost and product limits, limited to no training of their technicians or lack of services provided.

We are not locked into one franchise system.  We found the franchise systems offered no flexibility in available products.  They have a one size fits all business model that is simply unrealistic in the today's modern facilities.  Franchise cost add thousands of dollars to annual programs in large facilities.  Those funds are better spent on keeping your facility clean and healthy.

The Green Scheme- we can offer you the most green cleaning program available.  We have a full time LEED Green Associate on staff and available to help design your cleaning program.  Don't be fooled by clouds and grass.  Many companies claim a green system and then use flurochemicals and DODECYL SODIUM SULFATE in their cleaning system.  Our cleaning system has been approved by medical professionals. We are currently working in medical care facilities hosting immune compromised patients.



Next Steps...

Contact us for a new cost facility audit.  We provide audits free of charge to all commercial facilities.  80 percent of the time we find the facility has a very good service in place and simply needs fine tuning.  17 percent of the time we find little to no room for improvement. 3 percent of the time we find the client is in need of enhanced services.  100 percent of the time the customer gains valuable insight into their maintenance program.